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Fuel-Testers: Ethanol Gas Discussion - E10/E15/E85
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Ohio does not require the presence of 10% Ethanol or less to be posted on the pump.
That said, my friend checked a local station (nationwide fastfood store chain) and it came up at almost 30% Ethanol/water mixture.
I won a free 50 gallon gas card there and after the first tank I noticed my car was missing and stalling at redlights.
It took me quite a while to make the connection, and only after I replaced both temperature sensors, the fuel cap, the plugs and cleaned the idle speed control motor.
None of these fixes changed anything, but when I filled up at another station out of town and my car suddenly began running good again, I realized the problem was the gasoline.
My friend bought an Ethanol test kit and that is when we found out the 30% number.
About a month ago I filled up at another station and I didn't make it further than a few hundred yards down the 4 lane before my car started bucking badly.
I knew right away that the fuel was the culprit.
When I got (limped) home, I couldn't even get up my driveway. (big hill)
I siphoned out most of the fuel in my tank and dumped my 5 gallon can of lawn mower/ weed eater gas into my car.
This was 94 Octane which makes my mower run better and is good for 2 strokes like the weed eater.
I also dumped a pint of 99.9% Isopropyl in the tank to try and suck up any extra water and added some Marvel mystery oil for lubrication.
Bottom line, it has taken a few tanks of good gas and 6 weeks to get my car so it will idle, and it still misses and bucks a little bit. It had none of those symptoms before that fateful tank full of gas.
I was talking to the station owner and he said that they check for water every day when they "stick" the tanks.
That is when they measure how much gasoline is in each tank with a long stick calibrated in inches.
There is a cream that you put on the first foot of the stick and it turns bright red when water is present.
Problem is, now with all the Ethanol in the gasoline, water is soluble to some degree.
The station owner told me that I probably got a big slug of Ethanol/water as their tanks were almost empty that day.
They actually ran out of gas one time when I was filling up at that station.
Another thing that I didn't know, they only have 2 tanks, but 3 grades of gas.
If you purchase mid-grade gas, the pump automatically mixes regular and premium to make mid-grade gasoline.
From now on, I will always check out a station before I start using them on a regular basis and I think I will continue to put Marvel Mystery oil in my tank every now and then.
It lubricates the fuel pump, the injectors and the fuel pressure regulator.

As always, Buyer Beware

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