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The info below is completely un-edited and copied from one section of the Fuel Choice Petition responses...Each line was completed/written by an individual petitioner...

The comments copied below are just a sample of responses we have received.

I will be summarizing all data included in our petitions after 2012, but thought in the meantime this FYI may help others who also own these specific engines...

Note: We never share names,addresses or personal information. 

If you have not yet signed our "Ethanol-Free Fuel Choice Petition", visit:

Question stated,

"I own or use engine(s) that require and/or perform best onNON-alcohol fuel types, including: (Include engine year, type, model and manufacturer gas recommendations, if applicable)"



"2 Evinrudes, 2 lawnmowers, 1 leaf blower, 2 Chainsaws, 2generators...;

1997 Honda gas car engine;
2000 Pontiac gas car engine;
2009 lawn mower gas engine;

2011 bayliner with mercury 3.0L engine (boat)also lawnmowersand old motorcycles (mid 70s);

Ariens lawn mower;

1995 Chev Suburban;
2005 Cadillac, owners' manual says "do not use ethenol";

1995 Mitsubishi 6G72 naturally aspirated, v6 dohc; factoryservice manual warns that although e10 can be used, it will degrade performanceand increase maintenance requirements for the engine, fuel, andemissions/exhaust systems;

all of my cars and equipment;

Reg. gas lawn mower(purch.'08#,2002 Nissan Maxima #reg. fuelonly#,2005 Ford Mustang GT #reg. fuel only);

1999 Mercury Optimax which is being damaged by the ethanol.Manufacture recommends non-ethanol gas;

Evenrude 90 Hp Marine Engine;

Evenrude 90 Hp Marine Engine;

1979 Pontiac Trans-Am, 1993 GMC Sierra, 2004 and 2006 ATV's,2006 Gravely Mower, 2003 Generator;

2010 Nissan Maxima, 2009 Hyundai;

1990 to 2006 kholer, b&s mowers and generators. Gasaholnot recommended;

2004 Nissan 350z;
2005 Honda CBR1000RR;

1971 Honda SL350 Premium Fuel Only;
1972 Honda SL350 Premium Fuel Only;

2011 Toyota Prius;

2006 Yamaha 600cc carbuerated. 87 octane;
2000 Ford 2.5 fuel injected. 87 octane;

2006 Suzuki Katana, does NOT recommend ethanol, and does NOTrun good on it at all. Has an inline 4 air cooled 4 stroke 600cc engine;

several small engines- chain saw, tillers, outboards;


Onan 6500 Power generator;

mitsubishi mirage 2000 - cheverolet impala 2001;

lawn mowers, generators, light sport aircraft!;

1997 Honda GL1500Se Motorcycle;

912 Rotax 2007 airplane 93 oct;

1983 Olds Tornado & 1990 Toyota Corolla;

1955 Chevrolet Bel-Air sedan;
1956 Ford 600 tractor;
1995 Honda CB750 motorcycle;
2002 Snapper lawnmower w/ Briggs & Stratton 14HP engine;

Classic Vehicles;

tractor, 2 lawn mowers, 2 chain saws, 1 trimmer;

1987 and 1988 Mercedes-Benz type M116 engines;

2003 Suzuki recommends no ethanol;
2007 Porsche recommends no ethanol;
expensive lawn equipment;

1998 BMW Z3, 1998 Suzuki DL650, 1998 Triumph Rocket III;

2001 Lexus ES300;

Ethanol Free Gas for all luxury sedans. I have paid forengine repairs because ethanol has created problem with my engine;

All of my vehicles, including seven snowmobiles between theyears 1979-1983, 1991 kawasaki motorcycle, 1986 kawasaki motorcycle, and myeveryday truck;

1974 Cessna 172 (Airplane), 2009 Yamaha AR230HO (Boat), 2008BMW M3, 2011 BMW X5,

Boat Motor, and yard equipment;

2003 Nissan sentra states in manual that oxygenated blandswith more than 10% ETHANOL ARE NOT TO BE USED AND EVEN 10% BLEND IS NOTRECOMMENDED IF YOU CAN GET NON-ETHANOL GAS SINCE THE ENGINE, IT'S PARTS, ANDFUEL LINES ARE NOT ENGINEERED TO WITHSTAND OXYGENATED GAS BLENDS (LIKE ETHANOL ANDMETHANOL BLENDS). FURTHERMORE, THE MANUAL STATES CERTAIN PROBLEMS THAT CANOCCUR FROM USING ETHANOL BLENDS AND IN FACT MY ENGINE IS SUFFERING THESEPROBLEMS (stalling and hard to start when engine is at normal operatingtemperature). The manual urges that if these problems happen one should stopusing the ethanol or methanol blend immediately, but unfortunately I do nothave that liberty since all stations in my area and in all areas I travelthrough only sell ethanol gasoline blends;

1961 ford starliner - 1975 glastron boat - sears gardentractor - chain saw - weed eater;

2004 Chevy Express 3500 6.0 liter;

2008, Baja SC150;


marine engines all years;

Honda 4 stroke outboard, Stihl Chain Saw, 350 Chevy Marineengine, 92 Ford Pickup truck with only 70,000 miles,86 Chevy motor home withonly 38000 miles. 1979 115 and 8 HP Mercury outboards on my river boat; JohnDeere Mower;

2011 Ford F150 Ecoboost;

2008 GMC Yukon XL - has problems with ethanol gas;

BMW motorcycle;

1990 nissan 300zx needs 93 octane. my lawn mowers my chainsaws. my 1985 Yamaha 700 virago motorcycle runs like crap now. my ford 1993ranger truck gets less mileage;

2009 Evinrude outboard E-Tec;

2003 Mercedes SLK 320, V6;

I have several 1960-1970 engines and went to purchase a newmower. Salesman informed me the fuel,gas has been destroying the small enginesand recommended purchasing additional insurance to cover the motor which is notcovered my manufacturer because of junk fuel,gas. What good is it?;

2010 Poulan Chain Saw; 2003 Snapper Lawn Mower;
2005 Dodge Magnum
2003 Dodge Durango

1995 Yamaha Vmax, 2008 Yamaha FJR1300, and 2006 ChevroletImpala 3.6 liter V6.

2002 toyota tundra 4.7 v8

Force marine engine 85 hp ,gas weed wacker

2004 Lexus LS430, 1993 MB 400E

Johnson 60 hp outboard

Lawn mowers, chainsaws, weedwackers, pressure washers,pre-MY2000 cars and trucks, and ag tractors.

Aircraft engine - Rotax 912ULS 100HP

1958 Corvette collector car

Numerous farm and small commercial gasoline engines, a boat,a waverunner, and a motorcycle---none of which are compatible with Ethanol.

Almost everything I own runs poorly with this Ethanol addedMotorcycles Lawn tractor lawn mower and even my pickup truck is getting worseMPG and seems like less power

Piper J3 Cub (1946 model)

Sears Craftsman 48" riding mower B&S 16 HP, Searspush mower B&S 5 HP, Start Trimmer (1970's vintage) B&S 2 HP, Mercury250 HP marine outboard, Ryobi weed trimmer, Poulan 18" chain saw;

2010 Toyota Prius 1.8L 4cyl Hybrid combined mpg 48 to 58combined. This engine isn't approved for ethanol-blends. This is the highestrated mpg car in the United States

1997 Toyota Camry LE;

2006 Yamaha F250

2002 outboard mercury recommends alcohol free

1992 and 1998 boat engines.

Lawn mowers and snowblowers also.

1992 Chevy 1500 pu 350 ci engine

2010 smart Fortwo.

1986 OMC 4.3L Recommended 87 regular unleaded.
1978 AMC 5.9L 360
1969 GM 5.7L 350

briggs & stratton

Lawnmowers,leaf blowers,weedwackers,generators,1978Camaro,1995 Mercury,1999 Olds,2000 Grand Prix

2010 Mazda3

I own several machines that have 2 cycle gasoline engines. Ihave been told, by 2 repair shops that ethanol contaminated fuel will damagethese engines!

Grubee Skyhawk GT2B 48cc

2003 Mercury Marqui, 170 hp I/O boat motor, 21hp lawntractor, 2 chain saws-1,2cyl 1,4cyl, 2hp edger, 10hp generator, 2,6 1/2hpwalk-behind lawn mowers

2005 chevy 5.3L v8
2006 subaru 2.5L
1998 subaru 2.5L

1975 Cessna, 2 each Honda Eu5500 gen sets, two boats, 4outboards, honda lawn mower, weed eater GET MY DRIFT!

Outboard motor Evinrude 75 HP
76 Olds
79 Chevy Truck

1993 mercury cougar manufacturer recommends unleaded gas 87octane

Lawn mower (Kohler), PA-28-151 Piper Warrior Aircraft (Lycoming150 HP)

Auto 72 Corvette, mercury outboards,Gas power washer

Fuels containing UP TO and including 10% ethanol or otheroxygenates with up to 2.8% oxygen by weight (that is, 15% MTBE or 3% methanolplus an equivalent amount of co-solvent) will not void the applicable enginewarranties for my vehicle. That is good news I suppose.
Field experience has indicated significant differences in fuel quality(volatility, composition, ADDITIVES, etc.) among gasolines offered for sale inthe United States. The use of poor-quality fuels results in driveability,starting and stalling problems, especially under certain environmentalconditions such as high ambient temperature and high altitude.
How do I know if the fuel I am buying is 10% Ethanol or LESS as required by myvehicle owner's manual? The fact is I don't and what is more frustrating isthat I do not have the choice to purchase a fuel that does not contain harmfulfuel alcohols. Add to that the extra cost incurred because I have to buy 98 RONfuel just to ensure I do not drop below the 95 RON requirement that my enginemanufacturer has prescribed.

I want the choice to buy 100% fuel, not 90% fuel and 10% alcohol at the 100 %fuel price.


1998 ford triton v-10,2000 f-150 triton v8,2001 saturn sl,lawn mowers (3), chainsaws (2)

2001 Camaro SS 2003 SeaDoo 2006 Nissan Titan;

1975 350 CID V8 classic car;
1997 3.7L Mustang V6;

2006 Cadillac STS 3.6 v-6;

1972 Cadillac convertible, 1995 Mercury Villager work Van;

Fuel-Testers Company: Providing E10 education and portable fuel test kits to help safely manage e10 engine at a time.

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Continued from above post - Petitioner responses/comments regarding what type of engines they have that need/want ethanol-free fuel...

1972 Cadillac convertible, 1995 Mercury Villager work Van;

1999 dodge 318 1500 pickup;

2007 Kawasaki ZZR600, minimum 91 octane rating. Performsbetter on ethanol free gas.

2002 Mazda protege5, lawnmower, trimmer;

2003 Chrysler Town & Country, My husbands small, oldboat. I have no idea what the year or model is for it. It was very unhappy withethenol fuel.

2006 Toyota 4.7L V8; 2003 Kawasaki 20-hp V-twin (John Deeregarden tractor); 2003 Troy-Bilt 4-cycle string trimmer; 1995 Mercury 3.0L V6;1992 Ford 4.0L V6;

2006 Toyota 4.7L V8; 2003 Kawasaki 20-hp V-twin (John Deeregarden tractor); 2003 Troy-Bilt 4-cycle string trimmer; 1995 Mercury 3.0L V6;1992 Ford 4.0L V6

Gas chain saw by Craftsman

1996 Toyota Avalon

86 ford bronco II

1982 boat -- 02 toyota highlander--1989 toyota camry;

2008 90HP Mercury Outboard;
13HP 2002 Brigs & Straton Mower;
1970's model Chainsaw;
4 cycle weedeater;

1995 Mercury Cougar V8 recommends 93 Octane;

1997 Mercury Outboard Motor, 1988 Mercury Outboard Motor,Kohler Lawn Mower. All Manufactures recommend non-ethanol gas for these motors.


weed eater, lawn mower;

professionally: small engines, we are landscape maintenancecompany experiencing costly damage to blowers, weedeatears, mowers,hedgetrimmers, etc.
personally: my sedan is now getting lower mpg;

1996 chevy 4 cylinder marine I/O;

My 08 G8 GT runs better and more efficiently on puregasoline.

1966 Corvette 427 recomended for 99 octane;

Vintage outboard motors; Evinrude, Johnson, Lockwood,Neptune, Chris Craft, Mercury, and more. All 2-cycle, 1921 through 1970,regular 87 octane.

Snapper Mower, Echo Chainsaw, (No EtOH to be used, per MFR.)
Toyota T100;

Boats, airplanes, older tractor, small motors

1993 chevrolet corvette,1978 chevrolet corvette, stihl ms 66chainsaw,stihl br 600 backpack blower, stihl fs 350 trim saw, stihl fs130trimmer, stihl ht 71 pole saw,

Antique outboard motors

Power equipment - chain saws, mowers, etc

Universal Atomic 4 1968 Marine engine regular fuelrecomended

Yamaha 2007 HPDI 225

1990 Donzi w/1993 Mercury 150HP,
1999 Rinker w/5.7 Mercruiser 260HP I/O,
2002 Toyota Tundra
2000 Gravely mower w/21 HP Kawasaki

2002 Chevrolet Corvette, LS1, 350 ci, 350 hp.

1982 BMW, 1989 GMC Truck, 1999 BMW

All recommend gasoline only.

lawn mowers, classic motorcycle.

2008 Suzuki DL Vstrom 87 octane no more then 5% alcohol

1979 Chevrolet Corvette 350cid V8
2002 Saturn 1.9L 4 cyl (SC2)

2006 Mercury EFI 25hp outboard. Bought 2/2011 as new. JohnDeere 2000 180 LT mower. John Deere 2004 electric generator

1984R100RT motorcycle;

1978 GMPlow, Brush wacker, chainsaw, toyota that may not be driven often

'72 fordf100...80 datsun truck...1968 ford mustang

older lawnequipment and 1967 classic car which are designed for leaded gas withoutethanol

1969Chevrolet 327 V-8 recommended unleaded gasoline

My boat, mycar, and two lawnmowers have required repairs due to the use of ethanol. Iwould like to be reimbursed for the repair bills since I had no say in thismatter.

2001 DodgeRam 5.9L V8 (gas), 2009 Troy-Bilt series 2410 snowthrower (179cc gas), 2011Champion 3500 watt generator (196cc gas)

Yamaha 50four stroke

Johnson 175 two stroke

1992 FordRanger, 2.3L Dual-Plug ignition; engine recommendation: Unleaded Fuel Only,alcohol use not recommended

Mercury -'03, outboard motor; manufacturer recommends avoiding gasoline with alcohol init, and lists possible damaging effects.

2005 HarleyDavidson 95 c.i.
Briggs & Straton generator engine

1992 Ford /Indmar Marine engine 351
2006 BMW 330
2003 Honda Pilot

1969 FordMustang (leaded gas)
1986 Evinrude 225hp (regular non-ethanol gas)

07 LexusIS, 1997 Nissan Sentra

1992 FordEscort - manufacture recommends 87 octance unleaded gasoline, not 84/85 octanegas mixed with 10% ethanol

1970 350 HiTest

2004 SuzukiDL100 motorcycle, 3 1986 John Deere riding lawn mowers, 3 other pieces of farmequipment (C) 1886 that use Briggs and Stratton engines,

1990 Yamahaoutboard motor

6.0 litel76

2001 chevytahoe 5.3 engine

olderbriggs&stratton mower engines, 2000 yr yamaha outboard motor, i99O's 2stroke yard equipment all require 87 oct. regular

1980 Chevrolet

1985chevy(fuel tank & pump replacemaent) and 1996 GMC(fuel pump partsdisintegration)
1950s outbourd motor
1970s outbord motor
several 1980s small engine equipment.

2002 1.8turbo recommend 89 octane or >
1969 350c.i. recommend 89 octane or >

2011 Jeep
1975 outboard
Lawnmower 82

boatoutboard, 2009 mercury 90hp. 2003 honda shadow 750.

All myengiens were manufactured before the current E10 blend and run poorly on thecurrent E10 blend. I have never seen such a decrease in performance and MPG.

2000 ranger2002 dodge

Governmentneeds to stay out of the fuel business and work on cutting the fat not foodproduction.

I have anew Stihl weed eater and a Huskvarna chain saw. I have been told by dealers andmechanics that ethanol gas is bad for my equipment.

2004 Nissan350z, SeaDoo 4-stroke 3-cylinder jet-ski, Honda 4-stroke boat engine

2000 UralPatrol, 650 cc BMW R-71 engine ,93 octane unleaded fuel only.

1990chapparel boat 185 johnson outbord v6 2 stroke

1980 NewHolland skid steer w/Ford 200ci industrial engine. @ 2008 Ski-Doo 800rsnowmobiles requiring 91 aki fuel.

I own some classic cars that are not suited for even the e10 blend.

...RESULTS: I will post more comments submitted later on when I have time...

Fuel-Testers Company: Providing E10 education and portable fuel test kits to help safely manage e10 engine at a time.

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More petition responses - Section that states,

"I own or use engine(s) that require and/or perform best on NON-alcohol fuel types, including:  (Include engine year, type, model and manufacturer gas recommendations, if applicable)"...


Note: Responses below from petitioners were copied exactly as is, spelling, grammar, etc. was not corrected. This is just one section/question - To receive a complete copy of ethanol-free fuel choice petition results (when available) email us -Currently our plan is to accept petitions until about March 2012....

"Ethanol-Free Fuel Choice Petition".   Please encourage your friends/associates to sign this petition ASAP. Petition Link:


chain saw, string trimmer, trash pump, outboardmotor, mopeds and my gas generator.

2 1997 GM V8-trucks, and 1 1998 V6-Buick;

1987 Suzuki Outboard;
1966 Mustang 200 cid;
1994 B&S MTD Mower;

boat lawn mower weed eater;

2002 (GMC) LQ9 - Boat motor for MasterCraft skiboat, "92 octane";
Power Generator,

2005 Yamaha YZ 250F,
2003 Suzuki 50;
2005 Yamaha 50;

Stihl Chainsaw (x2), Husqvarna Trimmer (x2), StihlBlower (x2), Tecumseh Wood Chipper, Tecumseh mower, Honda XR650L motorcycle;


1996 Olds Cutlass, Echo Chainsaw, 1994 Tohatusoutboard motor, Briggs and Straton powered lawn mower.

3.8L 07 Jeep;

1974 gmc truck 454cubic engine prem/octane;   

1978 sears snowblower  three older mowers  two 70`s motorcycles  also my chainsaws and weedwacker;

Several vehicles 1969 f250,1960 HD MC'Lawnmowers,2000 lexus;

60's Ford, 30's Plymouth w/ 50's Caddyengine.  lawn mowers and chain saws, allneeded work due bad houses and carbs that were emptied for winter;

2011 Kawasaki FR651 mower engine requires nonalcohol. All my atv's. Yamaha outboard.

2005 mercury optimax 125 outboard boat engine;

1976-1985 engines as well as boat and other smallengines;

Ducati Monster motorcycle.

'98 Jeep Wrangler;
Honda ATV;
Yamaha ATV;
Log Splitter;
Craftsman wheeled weed eater;
Scotts riding lawn mower;
Kawasaki Mule utility vehicle;
Briggs/ Stratton power washer;
Craftsman backpack blower;
Honda Lawn mower;
Mantis tiller;
Husqvarna leaf blower;
Troybilt chipper/shredder;
Echo edger;
Echo chain saw;
Poulan chain saw;
John Deere weedeater;
Echo weedeater;
Stihl chain saw;

1996 Honda Civic 1.6L gas, 1994 Honda Civic 1.6Lgas, Toro lawnmower gas, Honda lawnmower gas, all reccomended for use with gasoline;

1970 Chevrolet Truck;

1978 outboard;

Truck 1999 Ford. 1987 VW GTI. 1978 BMW528;
Standby generator will not carry the hose AC load on E10.  It will on real gasoline.  I have to separate my own E10 and discard theEthanol, on the ground!!!!!
Riding Mower, Chain saw, leaf blower, brush chipper, Tractor, Log splitter.
All say avoid Ethanol an never use more than10% and only in an emergency.
1964 tracter is the ONLY vehicle that has shutoff and drain valves as well as awater separator to deal with phase separated fuel.


2007 Chry. 300, 2.7l V-6, 89 oct.;
2006 Evinrude 225 hp H.O.
1998 Ford F-150, 4.2l V-6, 89 oct.
1998 Plymouth Voy, 3.0l V-6, 89 oct.

1999 honda,1998 kawasaki,1985 trans am  1986 ford f150 1993 fordf150;

Harley Davidson, Stihl small engines, John Deeresmall tractor.

1947 Ford, 1967 Ford f250, 1961 Harley Davidson,1957 Harley davidson, 1989 Harley Davidson, 1972 Honda cb500, 1984 Subaru 1.8,1987 Subaru 1.8 1974 Ford f100. All suffering on E10 gas.

Fuel-Testers Company: Providing E10 education and portable fuel test kits to help safely manage e10 engine at a time.

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MORE PETITION COMMENTS- Section Engine type that needs or requires E0, ethanol-free, non-ethanol gasoline...(Continued from above posts).


Craftman 25hp kohler; toro6.5hp mower;

1964 Ford Galaxie, 1956 Ford T BIRD, 1967 FordGalaxie;

honda shadow sabre (VT100C2). 2006;

05 saturn ion, toro lawn mower;

1990 toyota 22r 2.4 L 87 octain;

1990 Johnson Outboard Marine Engine;

A) 1992 Chevy Blazer w/5.7L engine(so far, had toreplace fuel pump this year),
B) 1991 Chevy Corvette w/5.7L engine(had to replace fuel injectors, regulatorand seals this year),
C) 1988 Four Winns boat w/4.3L engine(haven't tried to start engine yet thisyear, been too busy fixing first two ;items!)

1985 Mercedes 190-E, 1995 Ford F-100 300 inch SixCyl. 1990 Deere Mower-Kawasaki;

1993, Mazda, 2.5L KL, requires 91+ octane;

1959 Corvette;

1979 Pontiac TransAm, V8, 91 Octane required;
1965 Pontiac GTO, V8, 95 Octane;

1981 Chevrolet 350 V8;
1989 Four Winns 350 V8;
1996 Chevrolet 350 V8;
2 Honda Lawn Mowers;
2 Ariens Snow Blowers 1970 and 2003;
Lawn trimmer;
McCollouch Gas Chainsaw;

Dodge SRT-4 2.4l Turbo;
recommended fuel is 93 octane non-ethanol gasoline;

Toro, Craftsman, Cub Cadet mowers and
numerous trimmers;

My engine is a 355 cc for a 1984 camero.  This engine is not fuel injected and iscarborated.  The increased ethanolcontent has severally damaged my performance, caused lots of maintenance issuesand has forced me to fill up more often then i should have to.

I've lost a minimum of 6 mpg on the highway and 10mpg in town driving with the ethanol gas. This seems to be economically counterproductive.

1987 Evinrude Outboard motor,150 hp,

1999 G M motors-2,1999 Westerbeke genertor-1;

2004 350LS1 Corvette engine;

Inboard Boat Engine;

2004 Yamaha FZ1 motorcycle;
1998 Honda CBR600 F3 motorcycle;
2008 Husqvarna 300 series chainsaw;
2011 Hitachi CG22EAS brush cutter;

1999 Kawasaki motorcycle,Honda car,Fordvan,Jeep,John Deere riding mower,snow blower;

1965 Chevy Corvette 327/365 HP 11.5:1compression  1980 Ford Pinto 88HP, Stihlblower, trimmer, Yamaha Waverunner Jetski 160 HP high output, Suzuki 115 HPoutboard;

1977 Ducati;
1993 Ducati;
2002 Harley Davidson;
2006 GMC Hummer;

2004 Ford Taurus;

2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee - 16-20 MPG dropped to12-13 MPG;
Craftsman Lawn Mower - runs very poorly on E10;
2008 Craftsman Chainsaw - will not stay running, need to empty tank to not destroyengine - what to do with gas?  Notenvironmentally friendly!

2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee - 16-20 MPG dropped to12-13 MPG;
Craftsman Lawn Mower - runs very poorly on E10;
2008 Craftsman Chainsaw - will not stay running, need to empty tank to notdestroy engine - what to do with gas? Not environmentally friendly!

Outboard Motor - Lawn Mower- Weed eater- Tiller-Chainsaw- Power washer;

evinrude 150 ficht/crestliner boat(placardedagainst alcohol fuels);

5.8L V8, Jeep grand Cherokee 1996;

Premium gas without ethanol blended in.

Older classic cars, Older pre- 1978 motorcycles,Outboard boat motor and lawn and garden maint equipment.

Ford F150, small yard work engines;

1998 Honda VT1100T, requires use of NON-ALCOHOLfuel.

1992 Chevrolet 5.7L V8  87 octane pure gasoline.
1989 Honda Goldwing 1500 87 octane pure gas;

1973 Corvette 350;
1969 Chevelle SS 350;


Fuel-Testers Company: Providing E10 education and portable fuel test kits to help safely manage e10 engine at a time.

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I probably will not have time to add more petition results here in our forum, instead

Petitioner Comments and Preliminary Results will be posted on our websites.


Who (engine types) need or want ethanol-free fuel?

View results:


While on our website, be sure to sign this Ethanol-Free Fuel Choice Petition, if you have not already done so. 

We will be accepting responses until sometime in 2012...

User "FYI" will only be posting news, current events and information, comments and data Fuel-Testers Company has received that we believe would be of interest to the public...FYI!
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