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I just checked the patents based on the active ingredient Hydrotreated Naphthenic Distillate and it looks interesting.   This website is more up to date than fueltesters and is actually educational:

What we want is the additives that show as   "NO  YES"
ken (currently in Kuwait, downwind from a refinery that actually makes the stuff)

*Product's MSDS does not list all ingredients in additive or lists "special mixture/proprietary mixture."

**Product contains MMT - an extremely dangerous metallic based chemical that will damage catalytic converters, oxygen sensors and spark plugs. Every major engine manufacturer does not approve the use of MMT and in fact, will void engine's warranty if used.

*** Although Hydroburn contains alcohol, it also contains a special blend of lubricants designed to lubricate the fuel system while in use.


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There has been 10%Alcohol in gas since the 80's I drove a tanker that delivered gas to stations around St.Louis Mo.when they took the lead out they put alcohol in,actually they stopped adding lead,and the price started to rise.I think this site just wants to sell kits to the unknowing public,there is water in all gasolines.We had trouble in the winter if a loaded tanker was parked with a preload for the next driver and it sat over 6hours there would be a chance that the gas would not flow because the water goes to the bottom and freezes.

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Do you imply "unknowing public" as a negative?  The public is unknowing if they have no way to test fuel if they are so motivated.    My daughter drives an 83 Accord that has an idle-stop solenoid that corrodes.  A local station sells ethanol-free gas and I check the gas periodically.   I test when I go to Florida and have to gas up.

The fuel additive they are selling smells pretty strong.  I bought a couple cases and am using it.  They need to replace the plastic seal under the cap with a foil seal.  The naptha base additive partially dissolves the plastic!!!!


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Quote: This website is more up to date than fueltesters and is actually educational:

The website you refer to was actually set-up by my son, using solely my notes and research...He realized people were too ignorant regarding (unnecessary) use of gas additives with E10, especially the ingredients and effect of ingredients so he shut-down his website - BTW, I never finished completing this board back in 2008 (?) and cancelled it and was unaware it even existed til today - I guess they keep it up for free and just fill the pages with junk ads -
I may resurrect the board and will of course pay the monthly fee so you don't need to be bothered by ridiculous advertisements...
Gail, Owner

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